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The ADELBERGER GROUP supports with high professionalcompetences and skill-settings in Innovation Consulting and TechnologySolutions.


ADELBERGER Innovation Consulting offers special consulting for demanding projects in administration as well as in manufacturing. Decades of experience in several manufacturing methods and processes e.g. from incoming materials to customer satisfaction measure- and improvement in natural products at the fields of leather and wood will be your benefit.

In Technology-Solutions we provide individual support for your optimized automation solutions.

We are able to step in with individual consulting on manufacturer-independent plant applications and the automation of processes with our in-house plant programming software.

Our concepts are consistent, flexible and individually tailored to our customers core processes.

A range of choices in consulting to e.g. complete plant construction with support up to the project deployment and production, will cover your specific demand and ensures perfect matching especially in time critical situations.

Innovation Consulting

From creation of ideas to the final solutions

A variety of steps lead from the very idea to the finished flexible automation solution.

During this process, expert consulting is key to ensure a well prepared technical and financial overview to enable investment decision and to ensure proper guidance, set-up and roll-out of the project.

Lesson learned pure of many projects, lack of flexibility and accessibility of plant applications is one of the biggest hurdles to the widespread use of industrial plants in production. To spend attention in Software is a critical key role to grant the setup and operation of industrial equipment.

ADELBERGER Technology to standardize your workflow for automation with equipment, focusing on process know-how instead of equipment programming knowledge many benefit in addition.

With our own equipment concepts, we offer a fast solution in the field of heat treatment of surfaces (leather, artificial leather, fabrics, foils etc.).

To support such process steps with an optical control we offer concepts in order to reduce the human influence factor to a large extent. With our camera- and special software System, we support cost reduction and increase your customer satisfaction.

Planning & Simulation

Rely on our expertise and in-depth review to elicit needs and discuss possible solutions. Depending on complexity of all individual process steps and flow, we prepare a feasibility study from which the further procedure is derived.

Development & Production

Once the solution has been sketched out, we programme and implement the prototypes. After completion, we provide our clients with a detailed project presentation and evaluation of the results as well as the handover of dedicated data and information.

The final step usually consists of a two-day training for the employees. This knowledge transfer may mark the last step but at the same time, it is the initial step into a new production area with an individual and optimized flexible automation solution.

Maintenance & Operation

Of course, our support does not stop at this point, and if desired, we will also accompany customers through all the following steps:

A start with support in proper hardware, through comprehensive support,
to long-term maintenance during operation.

Technology Solutions

Process optimization for a maximum in cost efficiency

The ADELBERGER GROUP develop concepts with special software in order to standardize and continuously optimize work processes in the integration and operation of industrial plants. 

Our aim is to minimize and eliminate the negative fluctuating influences of the "human factor", to simplify the operation of industrial plants by means of adapted software and to enable cost-efficient integration and maintenance as well as flexible automation.

Thus, we see ourselves not only as a manufacturer, but also as a comprehensive service and solution provider who implements complex plant projects with its customers through the use of customized concepts and software. 

As a pioneer for leather surface plant applications, we know the challenges of our customers and support them in implementing their applications independently, building up know-how within the company and proof it for the long term. We advise users from planning, simulation and programming to the ongoing operation, maintenance and optimization of their plant applications.

Saving time or Process Time Reduction

Even a few minutes or even seconds within a single work step many leads to an enormous amount of cost intensive time.

Our solutions support you to streamline processes while keeping controllable cost on low level.

Cost efficiency

Pure Process-time is not the only one cost driver.

Continuous improvement, precision and to decrease operator-mistakes (human factor in repetitive and quality driven process steps) are important to make and keep processes most cost-efficient.

Customer satisfaction

More simple, faster and cost-efficient processes do not only make process steps of operators easier, but:

Well balanced, embedded and included,
they contribute significantly to higher customer satisfaction. 

ADElberger Group

How we can help

As a plant manufacturer as well as a service and solution provider, the ADELBERGER GROUP is the partner in all matters relating to flexible automation.

High customer satisfaction is one of the most important targets. To reduce production costs and the reduction of operator mistakes by using our systems for automated optical inspection. Improvement of ergonomics and quality of the processes facilitate the work of the operators and increase their efficiency at the same time.

We offer services and consulting with a worldwide support. In this way, we are also glad to support projects in various phases or with manufacturing problems regarding quantity or quality.


Family-run and competent

With a strong team and competent cooperation partners, we serve customers in a wide range of industries worldwide. Our experts master even the most demanding technical challenges - even if the market does not offer a corresponding solution yet.

Maik Adelberger

Founder & Authorised Signatory

Marek Adelberger


Morris Adelberger


Manuela Adelbeger

Owner & Consulting

Cycle-time reductions up to and more than 50% by using IR-equipment per current processing of the surface via hot air has significantly accelerated the work processes of our customer.

Maik Adelberger
founder & authorised signatory


Further areas of competence

Looking for information about the possibilities of consulting in other areas of expertise and receive a cost estimate? We will be happy to provide information online at short notice or prepare an individual offer tailored to one' s needs.


The field of ADELBERGER Geopathology offers an additional service to improve and strengthen the state of health through radiesthesia and the magnetism method:

- natural health science
- health radiesthesia
- magnetism/magnetizer
- water diagnostics for well construction
- Building site and house inspections regarding trouble-free zones
- sleeping place analysis


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